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River City Marine offers the most comprehensive boat services in the tri-state area.
We offer a wide range of services including:


River City Marine is your premier servicing shop in the tri-state area. We service all of the major brands of stern drives and outboard motors. Having your motor’s annual service done helps maximize your fun on the water, and helps reduce unwanted break downs. Call 270 318 4220 to set up your annual service today.

Oil and Filter Changes

Oil is the lifeblood of your motor! Whether you own an inboard/outboard, or an outboard motor, it is crucial you have your oil and filter changed every 100 hours or 1 year, whichever comes first. Call 270 318 4220 today to set up your appointment!

Accessory Installation

We are a full service dealership, which means, we can install all of the accessories you need for your boat! Stop by today, and see how we can help make your boating experience even better! From trolling motors, to GPS and fishfinders, PowerPole and more, see River City Marine.

Full Engine Rebuilds

Need your motor re-built? Sam can assist you with all of your re-build needs. Whether it is an outboard, or inboard/outboard, our trained staff can get you back on the water! Call 270 318 4220 today for details!

Brea-In Servicing

The first 20 hours of operation of your new motor are the most critical. It is important to have a break in service done, so our technicians can check your motor to make sure all components are operating properly. We also change the factory break in fluids to ensure you have trouble free boating until your annual service is due. Please call 270 318 4220 to set up your break in service today!